We at AECONS, help design companies, engineers and architects to combine the potential of augmented reality (AR) technology with BIM and explore full benefits of design visualization.

We have been developing 3D virtual reality construction BIM models for efficient design communication and construction progress planning for healthcare, hospitality, roads and highways, dams and bridges, tunnels, railroads, as well as residential, commercial and industrial buildings. AECONS High-quality 3D design graphics recognize the best designs for superior design delivery and keep all stakeholders on the same page as the needs of virtual reality companies.

Our AR BIM services focus on eliminating paper work with digital designs, building documents and RFIs that give contractors better control over the planning and management of site operations. We create 3D BIM models to help augmented reality companies align their goals with contractors and designers. We also supply 4D and 5D BIM models compatible with AR headsets for on-site and off-site support.