To us, quality means strategic and operational commitment to excellence through being customer-centric, ethical, creative, innovative in our design, compliant, safe, reliable, and delivering within budget. Our quality objectives are established and managed by the leadership team and communicated through our operational procedures.

  • We provide three level quality checking to meet the best outcome as per SOW (Scope of Work).
  • Establish the project design targets and goals in a BIM management plan and set up BIM Track project setting
  • Establishing and maintaining design drawing standards in our detail drawings
  • Every team in our hierarchy consist of Senior checker to reduce the chance of error
  • Develop the elements of the new design that will need to meet the requirements and run the check.
  • We monthly grade our modelers and checkers as per there performance to ensure 100% best outcome
  • Develop process controls, such as clash detection, code checking and standards checking (by using BIM Tools) to be able to deliver compliant models to the customers


Quality Check during Modelling

• Model errors are rectified.
• Clash detection is done.
• Model and family standards are checked.
• Model is checked and compared with design drawings

Quality Check during Drawing

• All annotations are verified.
• Detail drawings are compared with design drawings.
• Sheet format is checked as per client requirement.

Model and Drawing Assurance

• Thorough model and drawing sample are checked.
• Clash is identified if any.
• This check assure error free data