At AECONS, we recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our clients, in relations to customers, employees, regulators, investors, the community and the environment.

Preserving the Environment

We will proactively protect the environment through recycling, conserving energy, using environmentally friendly technologies, and most importantly seek to reduce our paper communications and paper usage.

Supporting the Community

AECONS will initiate and support community education programs to promote fairer access to justice.

Our Colleagues

We are a committed equal opportunity employer and support diversity. Our practice will seek to ensure that everyone is supported in their day to day endeavours and assist them where ever possible. We will ensure that the work environment at AECONS is a physically and emotionally safe place to work in.


We will encourage our employees to volunteer in the community through programs developed either internally or externally. Wherever possible, we will seek to sponsor and support appropriate events within our community.