We, at AECONS, have expertise in delivering real value to architects, engineers, and contractors by integrating building design plans with BIM and schedule a seamless construction stage. As an independent leading outsourcing provider based in India & Dubai, our strategic BIM consulting services focuses on helping design companies integrate their design values with construction firms for higher level of coordination and collaboration.

Our BIM consultants help implementing BIM across organizations to gain better ROIs and achieve efficient overall project outcomes by delivering BIM-ready models compatible with AR/VR technology.

We are proud to have successfully delivered our BIM Services to 500+ projects across all types of industries such as  Building Sectors including  Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use, Senior Living, Studio Apartments, Village, Single Build, Multiplex Developments, High Rise, Sky Scrapers etc; Industrial Sector such as Factories, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing Hubs, Hospitality, Healthcare, Airports, Railways & Metros, Roads & Highways, Bridges & Tunnels, Malls, Podium & Stadiums, Governmental Buildings, Army, Military Base, Specialized House, Smart City Projects and Data Centers’s etc.